Body Weather workshop with Frank van de Ven

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This workshop is a great opportunity to work with Frank van de Ven, an enduring and vital proponent of Body Weather.

The workshop will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions which can be taken separately or together:

Part A ​​ 10.00 – 13.00 Body Weather training
Body Weather is a comprehensive approach to training and performance that investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments. Bodies are conceived not as fixed and separate entities but as constantly changing – just like the weather. Weather is seen as a complex system of forces and influences coursing through and beyond bodies and the world. As a training, Body Weather is of relevance to anyone interested in exploring the body and physical presence and this workshop is suited to dance, theatre & movement practitioners and artists of varied backgrounds.

Part B​​ 14.00 -17.00 Solo Performance Development
In the afternoon we all work on our own performances. This can include movement, text, images and objects. Exchange between participants is part of the process as well as guidance and feed-back by the workshop leader. On the Sunday evening, the work in progress will be shown (not obligatory) to an invited audience.

The term & philosophical basis for Body Weather was founded in the early 1980’s by dancer Min Tanaka and further developed by Laboratories worldwide. Frank van de Ven was a member of Tanaka’s Maijuku Performance Company in Japan, from 1983-1991. With Katerina Bakatsaki he leads Body Weather Amsterdam, a platform for training and performance. For more info on Body Weather:

Studio :​​
Dates :​​ Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 October 2018. Time : 10h-13h and 14h-17h​​
Workshop fee: Part A : 60 euro – Part B : 60 euro – A and B : 110 euro (students – unwaged 80)
1 single morning: 35 euro. 2 mornings or more: 30 euro
Performance: Sunday 21 October at 17h in the studio.

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