15 Minutes series and upcoming event “15 minutes: garage and friends”

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The instant choreography series „15 Minutes” is thought to be a cosy event for performers to get to know each other and exchange with the audience their personal understanding of the idea of instant choreography within a 15 minutes improvisation.

Each participant can decide what topic, tool or format to use: no further curatorial frame is given besides indeed the time frame.

In this way practitioners coming from different disciplines can open up their process or simply explore tools or improvisation-strategies in front of an audience in a relaxed and playful way.

The event takes place in the collective space GARAGE in Lichtenberg, inside the Fahrbereitschaft compound and will be held every second month.

The artists will be invited to exchange and warm up in the space three hours prior to the event and can decide on the spot how they want to present their performance, possibly choosing spontaneously for a duet, a solo, or a group improvisation as well as deciding for the evening schedule with the other participants. A basic light setting and sound-system is available.

The first of this event-series will be 15th March. Starting at 20:00 in GARAGE involving members of the collective GARAGE and Guests. This time performing: Maria Walser, Dave Hall, Saskia Oidtmann, Heini Nukari and Julia Ketzmerick.

Organised by Irene Accardo

Duration of the event, approximately 1½ including a break. Suggested donation of 5 euros that will go directly to the artists.

To participate to further events please contact Irene Accardo
littlestrategies@gmail.com, “RE: 15 minutes series”
Please write short (one page max.) about your interest in wanting to open up your practice through improvisation, e.g. what research you are on at the moment, if you have already taken part into impro-events and what is you relationship to improvisation regarding your work.

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